Water Backed Welding & Fixing Fpsos

By Danielle Milne, Graduate Mechanical Engineer at Marine Technical Limits (MTL)

Although MTL has a robust oil and gas heritage, with formidable experience in the global energy marketplace, it also invests heavily in R&D and undertake rigorous testing and research from its base in Kintore, Aberdeenshire.  MTL recognizes the importance of progression and continual improvement for the benefit of the organisation and its staff.  As a young engineer I’ve been afforded the opportunity to see new ways of working develop from the spark of a good idea through rigorous testing and finally to its successful deployment in the field.  The freedom to explore fresh ideas is a compelling opportunity for any ambitious technician.

Innovation does not happen in isolation and MTL works closely with clients to quickly come up with bespoke solutions to unique problems.FPSO MaintenanceFPSOs have played a key role in extreme offshore areas for many years, and an FPSO system is one of the most commercially viable concepts for remote or deep-water oilfield developments.

Harsh offshore environments, vessel motions and production demands can put FPSOs under stress.  Ineffective inspection and maintenance regimes not only negatively impact the safety of the asset but can introduce onerous and unnecessary costs.

As an FPSO ages, an increasing number of defects can develop in the hull structure and problem areas found below the waterline can be particularly challenging to address.  As dry docking may not ....

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