Vandalism, oil theft on TFP make alternative evacuation system indispensable, says Ezuka | The Guard

In the last 45 years, oil producing companies have used the 200km-long Trans Forcados Pipeline in transporting crude oil to the Forcados Oil Terminal. However, frequent shut downs due to vandalism and oil theft as well as technical challenges on the TFP have made a number of producers to be unable to meet export targets, as some of the crude are even stolen. Alternative Evacuation System is the latest proprietary way to address the huge challenge. Ifeanyi Ezuka, the Chief Technical Officer, Neconde Energy Limited, a subsidiary of Nestoil Group, in this interview with the Head, Energy & Solid Minerals Desk, STANLEY OPARA, says the innovation is a welcome development

What led to this innovative leap? Sometimes in February 14, 2016, we were on a trajectory to growing our production to 60,000 barrels of oil per day and we were excited that we had crossed 50,000-mark heading towards 60,000. The next thing we heard was that the Trans Forcados Pipeline has gone down and we thought it was a regular hitch, but on a closer look after inspection and couple of verifications, we understood it was the export line from the Forcados terminal that actually went down and the needed assessment showed that it was going to take a while before it would be fixed in terms of the technicalities required to repair it. And in terms of the social issues around the facility at that time, it showed that it was going to take a while.

It eventually took about 16 months before that pipeline could come on s....

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