Q&A with GOP gubernatorial candidates Dunleavy and Treadwell: Other than budget-related issues, what

I think my top priority is growing the economy and taking care of Alaska families.

When it comes to growing the economy, we just aren't doing enough. Somebody stood up and endorsed me the other day and said, "Mead we've had a one-trick pony on a gasline as governor, you can multitask."

And my point here is that every region of our state has got something they're trying to do for economic growth. It could be a mine and a port in northwestern Alaska and being part of this new billion-dollar Arctic shipping services industry that's going to come along. If we don't do anything about it, Russia gets the whole monopoly. It could be what Southeast Alaska has been trying to do, which is to mimic what British Columbia has done, and getting into the shellfish market. We could be exporting far more scallops, oysters, that sort of thing. We've got the tidelands to do it. But the state really hasn't gotten behind it the way it should.

We have a huge amount of natural gas on the North Slope, and we've been a one-trick pony on one gas pipeline, which is the least competitive in the marketplace. We've got some, you know, very good interest from the marketplace but we've got to make that more competitive. I was in your newspaper suggesting that we look at going off the North Slope. Doesn't mean that we would abandon the pipeline concept but there may be ways, with value added up on the North Slope and so forth, to start monetizing that gas. We've been waiting 34 years to do that and there's,....

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