Parliament's six-month countdown: What each party wants to achieve

OTTAWA -- MPs are returning to Parliament Hill on Monday to begin the 2019 legislative sitting in the new House of Commons, kicking off what's poised to be an intense final stretch leading up to the next election.

There are just 69 scheduled sitting days left between Monday and June 21, when the House is set to rise for the final time before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeks the Governor General's approval to dissolve Parliament and issue the writ for the campaign, expected in September at the latest.

"It's going to go very quickly," NDP House Leader Ruth Ellen Brosseau told CTV News.

In that time frame, the governing Liberals will be trying to pass their outstanding pieces of government legislation, along with the expected new bills as ministers look to fulfil their mandate letters. Meanwhile, the opposition Conservatives and New Democrats will try to take any time they can in the Commons to contrast themselves against Trudeau and his caucus, from pushing back on Liberal initiatives to putting forward issues or ideas of their own.

"We're going to be focused on providing that alternative," said Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen.

With the days numbered, all sides are preparing for this sitting to be increasingly partisan, and work in the House may be overshadowed or taken off-track by the ongoing international tensions, specifically the diplomatic dispute with China.

As things stand, there are a total of 33 pieces of government legislation left on the order pa....

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