MONTI: Fishing will be mixed bag in 2019 | Local Sports

If you worked hard, you caught fish in 2018. Maybe not what you wanted to catch, but there were fish to catch.

The school striped bass fishing was awesome with a number of large fish taken at the Cape Cod Canal, at the Southwest Ledge Block Island, and with shore anglers catching keepers in the 30 range mixed in with all those smaller bass. However, the bass bite compared to recent years was way off the mark for most shore, Bay and ocean anglers.

The tautog season was great with anglers catching their limit and a number of larger fish, many over 15 pounds, being caught throughout the fall season. And, once again this year we filled out our fishing with large scup, a great black sea bass bite (particularly in spring at Buzzards Bay, off Newport and Block Island) and sea robins (which more and more anglers are keeping, cleaning and eating).

Other species such as summer flounder (fluke) fishing, large striped bass fishing in general, the false albacore run in the fall were not as robust as we would have liked to seen. Offshore, we fell short on the bluefin and yellowfin tuna bite, but had an abundance of sharks offshore.

Whats in store for 2019?

Even though a new striped bass stock assessment is done, data from it will not be used for management decisions until 2020. So for 2019, striped bass regulations are expected to be the same as this year one fish 28 inches or larger/person/day. The striped bass fishing for keeper sized bass will hopefully improve in 2019 with some of the small....

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