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Publishers Commentary: By Tina Olivero

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The solution to climate change is not eliminating cars and the solution to oil spills is not eliminating oil production or pipelines.

Oil is the foundation of our world. Its the most sought-after commodity on the planet because it is in everything we have and do. From the phone in your hand to the gas in your car, the petroleum industry saturates everything.

So to say that oil spills are bad, oil companies are greedy, and thats why oil spills happen in Canada, is just wrong. 

Whats true is that oil is a necessary foundation of our lifestyles just as cars are and we need to be continually improving with our resources. There will be times when accidents happen. Its more about what we do with those accidents, rather than believing that they should never happen at all.


As an energy nation, our focus has to be in a safe environment and people and to mitigate risk and reduce accidents where ever possible.  The oil and gas industry in Canada is already extremely good at that. Canadian oil companies and their subcontractors are among the top environmental and safety Stewarts in the world. That is a fact.

Whats troubling about oil industry rhetoric is that its most often out of context, over-reactive and irresponsible. For example, we accept that we are going to have cars and a certain number of accidents in cars. We even have insurance to protect us from ....

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