'I had three hours' sleep in three days at Normandy'

Leonard J Taylor served as a yeoman of signals on HMS Frobisher during the Operation Overlord invasion of Normandy.

Before he died, Leonard recorded his memoirs.

These are his words:

Around early April 1944 we were in Ceylon [now known as Sri Lanka] and the whole ship's company had to muster on the quarter deck.

The commander-in-chief of the Eastern Fleet, Admiral Sir James Somerville, came aboard and told us we were going home.

There was a terrific cheer from us all.

But he said not to expect lots of leave when we got home, because we were to exercise to get ready for the Western Front - meaning the invasion of France or Germany.

So we went back to Mombasa, Kenya, and a few days later we left for Grenoch in Scotland.

We got three days' leave each. I went to Edinburgh where my mum and dad and three sisters and their families were living.

When everybody was back on the ship, we went north to Lamlash, on the isle of Arran, and spent two or three weeks there doing various exercises at sea and gunnery practice to get us ready for the invasion.

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We left Lamlash and sailed through the Irish Sea.

On the way, our captain announced over the loudspeakers we were going to a port in the south of England to ready for the invasion.

On 5 June we turned round and sailed north for 12 hours. And then we turned round again and continued going south.

This was because the weather was very rough and so the invasion was delayed ....

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