Hurray for B.C.! Boo for B.C.! And hurray for Keystone XL!

As the editorial cartoon shows, British Columbia just nailed a $40 billion liquified natural gas (LNG) project. And Alberta is left looking on.

The LNG Canada announcement is going to be a tremendous boon to B.C., creating a new industry. It will spur billions of dollars of natural gas development in northeast B.C., some of which will end up using the electricity from the Site C hydro dam currently under construction. Thousands of jobs will be created in construction, and thousands more in the industry to supply the completed LNG terminal. Theres going to be a pipeline, built by TransCanada, called the Coastal GasLink, going to Kitimat. There, British Columbia natural gas will be liquified and loaded on LNG carriers, i.e., ships, for Asia.

Good for them.

Too bad we never got around to building that other pipeline that was supposed to go to Kitimat. What was it? Oh yeah, the Northern Gateway. It was supposed to run to the coast, to Kitimat, where its contents would be loaded onto tankers, i.e. ships, for Asia.

But wait! Didnt our august prime minister tell us on Nov. 29, 2016, The Great Bear Rainforest is no place for a pipeline and the Douglas Channel is no place for oil tanker traffic.

Indeed, so much so, the Natural Resources Canada website now says of Northern Gateway, The Government of Canada has directed the National Energy Board (NEB) to dismiss the Northern Gateway Pipelines project application. The Government has determined that the project is not in the public inter....

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