Get to know your 2019 general election candidates

On October 7, The All Point Bulletin reached out to general election candidates running in competitive county and local races. We invited a submission from each of them, with a deadline of October 14. The statements of candidates who responded are printed below.

Whatcom County executive

Tony Larson

No response received.

Satpal Sidhu

I have a passion to serve our community, and I bring a unique set of qualifications to tackle the issues facing our county. My campaign is about the investment we will make in our future. It is about leadership based on strong community values, thoughtful dialogue and a steady hand on the wheel of county government.

We are better than our current politics. We have more in common than what divides us. We must not be powerless to solve our common issues due to our inability to have civil and meaningful conversations. Here are a few of the issues which we must address as an entire community.

Environment and Climate Change: Climate change is an existential threat to the human species. For the past 150 years, we have not been cleaning up after ourselves. We must take full responsibility, stop polluting and take action to reverse this trend.

Housing Affordability and Land-Use Planning: The land we have already set aside for human habitation should be used in a way to accommodate more people. We cannot continue to develop ag lands and natural areas. At the same time, housing construction must be accelerated, and the county and municipalities will have to work to....

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