Dredging is Underway in New Jerseys Historic Delaware and Raritan Canal - International Dredging Rev

The New Jersey Water Supply Authority (NJWSA) is undertaking a dredging project in the Delaware and Raritan Canal to restore water supply functionality to the historic waterway. In December of 2017, NJWSA contracted with J.F. Brennan of La Crosse, Wisconsin, to remove 248,000 cubic yards of maintenance material from a 10.5-mile stretch of the 60+ mile canal in areas with 1 to 6 feet of siltation. Brennan began the three-year project in July.

NJWSA has retained Urban Dredging Consultants, JV (UDC JV), a joint venture between Anchor QEA and OBrien & Gere Engineers since 2010, to plan and design the project and obtain the necessary permits.

The historic nature of the waterway required a team that brought technical skills while also being sensitive to the needs of the local communities, said Marc Brooks, chief engineer of NJWSA.

The project is located between Kingston and East Millstone, New Jersey. The area contains sensitive wildlife species and is considered a historical and recreational treasure. A five-year-long planning and permitting process, headed by Anchor QEAs Ram Mohan, engineer of record, resulted in a plan for a three-year dredging and dewatering project in six distinct project segments of the canal, with a dredging window of July 1 to October 31. Project timing restrictions will protect diadromous fish species, the Indiana Bat, and turtle species, including the wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta), which reside in the vicinity of the canal.

Project permitting required....

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