Conservatives say energy corridor would address Trudeaus unity challenges

The Conservatives say they want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to study the implementation of an east-west energy corridor in an effort to address the national unity challenges facing the country in the new minority government.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer met with Mr. Trudeau Tuesday morning in Ottawa to lay out his partys priorities for the upcoming session of Parliament. The Prime Minister is meeting with all of the opposition party leaders this week as the Liberals try to craft an agenda for the government that can get the support from at least one of the Conservatives, Bloc Québécois or NDP.

Mr. Trudeau needs to get support from another party for the Throne Speech on Dec. 5 to avoid being defeated in the House of Commons and sending the country back to the polls. The Greens did not elect enough MPs to hold the balance of power.

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The list of priorities laid out by the Conservatives shows some room to work together with the Liberals, for example around income tax cuts, but in other areas theres a significant gap between the two partys priorities.

Studying an east-west energy corridor, which would bring oil from the Prairies to tide water and hydro electricity from Quebec and Ontario to other regions, could place Mr. Trudeau in conflict with provinces, if they did not agree to the corridor. During the election, Mr. Trudeau said he would not force the construction of a pipeline through Quebec without the provinces consent.

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